The range room is a 20ft by 20ft padded area allowing for full 360 degree shooting. We have range times for both static lanes and for run and gun situations. Force on force training provides the full experience with using firearms in real world situations.

Safe, Simple & Fun

If you are looking to keep up your shooting skills, having fun while shooting or just looking to try something new then our range is right for you.

It is low cost and simple to get started.

Don't have much time? Our range is perfect for the quick pop-in and shoot. If you are looking to just keep up your shooting skills then this is the place for you. We have everything you need to get in and out in as quick of time as you want. Maybe you just want to come shoot a couple of magazines or shoot for a few hours. It all works at Alaska Force On Force.

Call us today for more details 907-519-0049

Dynamic Range

Looking ro do some shoot and move or clearing? Just call ahead and we will get it setup for you. We can also provide custom one on one training.

airsoft room clearing
range time plans and pricing

The Range Brief

Please watch our Range Brief before coming to the range. It goes over the basics of the training platform that we use. It includes how to load and use the different airsoft pistols and rifles. I also cover basic range rules and target handling.

Indoor Range

AkFOF Indoor Range

Indoor Range

Our indoor range allows for next level training. Here you can move and shoot, engage multiple targets at the same time and so much more.

airsoft room clearing


Our mobile walls allow for dynamic range use, CQC training and team building exercises. We can mock house setups and help plan for reactions.


Turn Up The Pressure

We have red and blue lights, flashing lights, background sounds and more. Our range allows the placement of targets and walls in a way that will sharpen skills and take your abilities to the next level.



Half day rental.........................$50
Full day rental..........................$100

Classroom rental includes TV with HDMI input, whiteboard, dry erase markers, coffee, hot water maker, table, chairs, presenter stand.

The classroom can be rearranged to meet your needs. All of the tables and chairs are foldable.

Wifi is provide.

If you are teaching a not for profit class the classroom rental fees maybe waved. Range fees will still apply.

Range Rental

Range rental with classroom rental is charge as follows;

First hour ..................................... $10/student
Additional Hours .......................... $5/student

Targets, gas and BBs are all billed additional and must be purchased from AkFOF. No out side items maybe used (but open for discussion).

Range includes use of pistols w/hostlers, rifles, target frames and portable walls.

The static range setup is a maximum of 5 lanes. Range can be moved around to suite your needs.

There are 5 targets frames and 3 walls for dynamic range setup.