Perfect Night Of Fun


Safety, Shooting, Dinner and Drinks.
This is the perfect date night.

Date Night

After a class room training on firearms we will head straight to the range for some hands on shooting. We use digital target systems to provide a dueling date. Watch out boys! Women are normally a better shot.


Everything needed is provided. Airsoft pistols, airsoft ammunition and eye protection. This is designed to be a fun, low stress environment for people of all experience levels. Range Safety Officers will be present to ensure safety.

The Bank Crew

7pm till 10pm

* Safety brief
* Range time
* Dinner
* Open range

$150 / couple

Includes a 3 course catered dinner by Saint Coyote. Always a new menu!


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Use the button to purchase a couples ticket, (2 people). If you have question please call us 907-519-0049.

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