Alaska's Airsoft Pro Shop

Our line of airsoft products provide realistic training through proper body mechanics, use of real world accessories such as sights, slings, hostlers and rigs. The weight and overall feel of these airsoft firearms are near identical to their lethal counter parts. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to be educated on the firearms they choose to use and carry. The combination of our product line and facility makes Alaska Force On Force the right choice for your complete training solution.

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Airsoft Pro Shop

Green Gas

Alaska's Best Airsoft Pro Shop

We sell green gas, BBs and all of the pro gear to get your game on. Our wide selection of guns, accessories and gear are ideal for training and Airsoft play.

Get Smoke

Get Smoke!

We have a wide verity of smoke and flash bangs. These are professional devices with many different usages. We have hikers as well as gamers using these.


Get on Target

We have sights and scopes for all types of platforms. If you are looking for something for CQC or for field shooting we have it. Eotechs, 3x12, 3x multipliers, red dots and RMRs.